Review: Changing His Game by Megan Erickson (Gamers #1)

Marley Lake is one of three women on staff at the magazine she works at, she being the most senior in terms of position. She loves what she does and she knows she's good at putting together stories and articles. What she isn't good at is figuring out what the heck is wrong with her computer. When the IT specialist comes to help her out, she's immediately smitten by the quiet but good looking guy. It's too late when she remembers all about the naughty GIF that's open on her browser, and while she's thoroughly embarrassed, she can't help but notice that her helpful IT hottie's as drawn to the provocative file as she is.

Austin Rivers is, indeed, an IT expert, but his primary role at the magazine is co-owner, a fact that no one other than his best friend and fellow owner is aware of. Helping Marley out with her computer issues should have been simple, but the dirty GIF that she was obviously viewing prior to her tech woes has him more than curious. Is it possible that she's as interested in that sort of kink as he is? As tempting as Marley is, Austin knows that her being his employee is already a point against him. But when it becomes too much and a line is crossed, will he be able to tell her all of his secrets without running the risk of her leaving him?

Changing His Game is book one in the Gamers series from author Megan Erickson and is a contemporary romance novel that combined naughty and nerdy into one fun but oh-so-hot read. Austin Rivers is a self-made man who has more money than he knows what to do with, thanks to his computer skills. He's the brains behind one of the most successful games around and is part owner of Gamers magazine, the publication that counts Marley Lake as one of its employees. Marley is clueless as to Austin's actual achievements in the gaming world nor does she have any idea that he's technically her boss. The two are drawn to each other almost immediately but it's Austin who's more than aware of the risk they're running by becoming involved with each other. Soon, they're in too deep and his secrets threaten to end what's going on between as well as put at risk Marley's position and a possible promotion that's perfect for her.

Austin obviously has trust issues, no thanks to his mother's abandonment and his father's theft of Austin's money. He tends to keep his distance and seems comfortable only with his best friend and his best friend's teenage daughter, who he considers more like his niece. When he meets Marley, they seem so well-suited for each other, given their love for gaming, all things techie, and kink in the bedroom. It's way too easy to like these two as lead characters and that mix of geekiness and gorgeousness has their chemistry at superlative levels. I love how the story played out and how there was more to Austin and Marley than their being employer and employee. This book kept me thoroughly entertained from start to finish and it's now become one of my favorite falling-in-love-with-her-boss stories ever. Changing His Game is my third Megan Erickson and it's becoming increasingly clear why she's now one of my go-to authors. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 07 August 2015

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