Review: How to Save a Surgeon by C.M. Stone (Gambling Hearts #2)

Note: This ARC was provided by Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Dr. Jackson Matteo is a respected trauma surgeon who is good at what he does, but that doesn't alleviate the guilt that still weighs him down--the one that has to do with the death of his girlfriend. He's also considered aloof and difficult to work with by the medical students he mentors, but that doesn't stop first year resident Darla Morales from requesting him, thanks to the advice of another doctor. Things are awkward in the beginning, but soon, Jackson sees that Darla is intelligent and hardworking while Darla realizes there's warmth underneath the cool facade of the man nicknamed "Dr. Ice". The no-fraternization policy is in place for a reason, but what's brewing between the two is why rules were meant to be broken.

How to Save a Surgeon is the second story in the Gambling Hearts series from author C.M. Stone and is a contemporary medical romance between Jackson Matteo, a trauma surgeon who was introduced to readers in the first book in the series, One Night in Vegas, and Darla Morales, a medical student in her first year of residency and the newest one to be mentored by Jackson. Darla has a set plan for her career as a doctor and becoming a trauma surgeon is her life's dream, but working with Jackson and listening to his advice makes her wonder if it truly was her dream to begin with. On the other hand, Jackson never gave his heart to anyone new after his late girlfriend's death, but being around Darla makes him want to try again.

This book is a heavier read compared to its predecessor and there's a fair amount of medical jargon though it was nothing I really minded and it certainly had me interested enough that I did a bit of googling on my own. Jackson has experienced love and loss and is focused solely on his career while maintaining a somewhat distant relationship with his parents, though he is close to his sister Eliza. Darla already lost one parent to a health issue and her mother's own career as a trauma nurse has her believing taking it one step higher and becoming a trauma surgeon--a person who saves lives--is what she's meant to do. These two inspire one another to focus on what it is they truly want and to take a chance simply because it's worth it.

Both Jackson and Darla are career-oriented individuals who act very professionally for a good portion of the story, but who also begin to develop feelings for each other. The care they share transfers over from professional to personal, which, in turn, puts their respective careers at a bit of a risk. There was a bit of chemistry between them, though I think I would have liked more of it just to make their coming together as a couple more believable. They both have their individual issues that they aren't exactly upfront about, which also leads them to misunderstand the intentions of the other, so expect some angst-driven drama. How to Save a Surgeon can be read as a standalone, but book one's short so read it anyway. Four stars! ♥

Release Date: 17 August 2015

Date: 13 August 2015

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