Review: Anything for Him by T.T. Kove (More Than Anything #1.5)

Jørgen Lister and Geir Berger have been living together for six months and now they're getting ready to spend the Christmas holidays for the first time as a couple but with Geir's family. Jørgen has his anxieties when it comes to being surrounded by people but if there's anyone that makes him want to try almost anything, it's Geir. However, Geir appears to want Jørgen to try something unexpected before they leave. 

Anything for Him is a short story in the T.T. Kove-penned More Than Anything series and is set a few months after the events of the first book. This is available as a free read on the author's website and provides fans of book one a look-see at how Jørgen and Geir are doing now that they live together. Being that they're one of my favorite male-male couples, this was one short story I had no intention of skipping.

This was a very quick read and certainly doesn't have any of the drama or angst that Jørgen and Geir had to contend with in More Than Anything. This was light and fun and reiterates how far these two have come, both separately and together. While the story may be short, it certainly doesn't lack in terms of heart. Make sure to read the full-length novel before heading into Anything for Him. This gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 10 August 2015

Learn more about T.T. Kove here.

Read Anything for Him on T.T. Kove's website.


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