Review: More Than Fashion by Elizabeth Briggs (Chasing the Dream #3)

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When Julie Hong meets an artist with a rose tattoo on his hand and introduces himself as Gavin, she quickly tells him she doesn't want to exchange names or personal information, needing to keep what happens between them as nothing more than a one-time thing. But Gavin doesn't take things as far as Julie wishes because of her drunken state and ends up walking away from her. Julie brushes the night off and deals with her hangover while trying to get her bearings as taping for the reality show she's on begins. She quickly realizes that one of her competitors is none other than the guy who walked away from her--Gavin.

She's determined to keep her distance from Gavin Bennett, needing to remain focused on proving to herself and to her parents that she's meant to be a fashion designer and not a doctor. However, not all the judges appear to love her work and when she's nearly kicked off the show, she asks Gavin to fake a romance with her in order to garner more interest from the producers and the viewers. Soon, they're all lovey-dovey, but as the days go by, the line between what's real and what isn't becomes blurred, leaving Julie questioning if it's possible to have the career she dreams of and the one guy to share her dream with.

More Than Fashion is the third full-length novel and the fourth release in the Chasing the Dream series from author Elizabeth Briggs. This time around, we have aspiring fashion designer Julie Hong ready to become a contestant on a reality show called Behind the Seams, which reminds me of Project Runway. She meets fellow contestant Gavin Bennett prior to the show beginning and while she's very attracted to him, as soon as she realizes he's a competitor, she refuses to act on her feelings. Their love story is more of a slow burn, even after their initial time together in the hotel room, and at times feels as if there's an enemies to lovers thing going on. The competition among the designers is as interesting as the romance itself, and I quite liked the interaction between Gavin and Julie as both competitors and would-be lovers.

Julie was invited to join the show by one of the producers in the previous series installment, More Than Comics, and it's obvious that she believes she can win the top prize. Still, there are moments that I couldn't help but feel she had an unfair advantage, what with her best friend being her model and then later, the appearance of her other best friend and the rest of the rock band Villain Complex, allowing her to be somewhat cocky and overconfident. There were numerous times that she also treated Gavin badly, even when the guy was making an effort to be her friend. I did, however, like how the story unfolded, as it allowed Julie to make certain realizations about what her dreams and her life. All in all, More Than Fashion was a good addition to the series and I look forward to reading the next one. This gets four stars! ♥

Date Read: 31 July 2015

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