Review: Made for Us by Samantha Chase (Shaughnessy Brothers #1)

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Aidan Shaughnessy is the eldest among his siblings and he takes his responsibilities seriously, whether it be with his family or in his construction business. Since his mother's death sixteen years ago, he became a surrogate parent, helping his father raise his four younger brothers and their baby sister. He barely makes time for his own personal life and he's never really been tempted to settle down with anyone or even contemplate trying to work at a relationship with a woman...until he meets interior designer Zoe Dalton.

The move from Arizona to North Carolina was Zoe Dalton's opportunity for a fresh start. When she's assigned to work on the Shaughnessy project, she goes in aware of just how difficult a man Aidan Shaughnessy is. However, Zoe refuses to allow him to browbeat her with his sullen and Aidan's surprised by how turned on his to have a woman call him on his behavior. She knows being in a relationship is new to Aidan and she's trying to be patient and understanding but is there hope when he refuses to let Zoe in?

Made for Us is the first book in the new contemporary romance series from bestselling author Samantha Chase entitled the Shaughnessy Brothers. Aidan Shaughnessy is the eldest in a brood of six and has always been there for his father and siblings, especially after his mother passed away when he was eighteen. His family has told him to loosen up and enjoy his life but it isn't until he has Zoe Dalton working with him that he discovers a woman who isn't afraid to put him in his place and tell him like it is. They're both workaholics, but Zoe shows Aidan that it's okay to have fun and seize the day every now and again. However, when the family dynamic in the Shaughnessy household begins to change, Aidan finds himself pinning the blame on his new girlfriend, putting a strain on their very new but promising relationship.

There are several times that Aidan is described as someone who has a proverbial stick up his butt and it's obvious that there's a certain superiority complex going on with the guy, but I can see where he's coming from when it comes to his family and his business. He's very protective of his family and he likes things done a certain way when it comes to work, but those are two things that allow him to maintain control, believing that bad things aren't going to happen for as long as he has a firm grip on the situation. Zoe is as serious about her work as Aidan but she also knows how to be carefree and enjoy her leisure time. She's someone that Aidan can't easily manage or control, which is quite frustrating for someone like him, but once he relaxes into their relationship, it's easy to see that she's good for him and his sense of well-being.

The Shaughnessy family is composed of different personalities and it'll be interesting to see as to how each of the other siblings will find their happily-ever-after. I think it's safe to assume that Quinn Shaughnessy will be paired up with his best friend Anna Hannigan and that's one story that I'll certainly be anxious to read once it's out. With such a diverse group of characters, the Shaughnessy Brothers series looks like it'll be filled with a good mix of stories and I hope each one will be distinct from the others. This first book stirred up my emotions and I really enjoyed Aidan and Zoe's love story as well as the family interactions that have laid the ground work for the rest of the books to come in the series. Made for Us has drama and angst but it also has a fair amount of humor and enough romance to satisfy me. I'm giving it 4.5 stars. ♥

Release Date: 04 August 2015

Date Read: 31 July 2015

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