Review: Her Shirtless Gentleman by M.Q. Barber (Gentleman #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by Kensington Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Being a thirty-one-year-old divorcée may not sound all that difficult for some women, but for Eleanora Howard, it means having to regain the confidence that was shattered after she caught her then-husband cheating on her after ten years of marriage. There's only ever been one man in her life and she doubts her ability to capture a man's attention now that she's back on the dating scene. When a drunken accident leads a gentleman to strip off his shirt so that she can change out of her soiled top, Nora becomes fascinated with handsome thirty-six-year-old Robin "Rob" Vanderhoff, formerly serving in the Air Force. 

As he invites her on each date they go on, Rob becomes even more drawn to the woman whose trust he wants to earn and whose love he wants to deserve. He wants Nora to discover the woman buried underneath years of insecurity, but her ex-husband's deception and maltreatment plus his continuing hold on her require Rob to take things at a slower pace, even though he would like nothing more than to let her know that she's the one for him. Can Nora break free and finally become the desirable and carefree woman Rob knows she can be or will she allow a failed marriage to continue to dictate the rest of her life?

Her Shirtless Gentleman is a contemporary romance novel from bestselling author, and a personal favorite of mine, M.Q. Barber. This is different from her ongoing Neighborly Affection series, which I adore, and it shows that she's able to do something separate from the books that have made her a favorite of many readers. Eleanora Howard is a female lead character trying to find her footing in the present, after having spent a decade with the same man only to discover that he had been unfaithful. When she meets Rob Vanderhoff at a bar, it's quickly obvious why the book's title is such and talk about making a first impression! Nora was often unsure of herself and while she wanted to spend time with Rob and get to know him better, the aftereffects of her ex's shabby treatment made her question Rob's and her actions.

Nora's transformation in the story showcases what a strong woman she is. It took some time for her to believe in herself and the fact that she had someone like Rob, whose belief in her went above and beyond, by her side was the kind of support system she needed. Rob was the ideal guy for someone like Nora, what with his patience and understanding, and his willingness to take things according to her pace makes you wish he actually existed in the real world. The story had those sweet moments that make you want to sigh in happiness but it also had the steam I've come to expect from the author. I loved reading about Nora's personal journey to self-belief and the journey she and Rob were on as they made their way to their much deserved happily-ever-after. Her Shirtless Gentleman was the highlight of my weekend and gets five stars! ♥

Release Date: 04 August 2015

Date Read: 01 August 2015

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