Review: Flirting with Scandal by Chanel Cleeton (Capital Confessions #1)

Jacqueline Gardner loves politics; it's politicians she doesn't have much affection for. The scandals that begin with whispers and are soon plastered all over tabloids and discussed by even the most respected of pundits. She knows all about dirty little secrets because she is one--the illegitimate and never recognized daughter a a very powerful longtime senator. She wants nothing to do with him and would rather focus on her dream of becoming a political consultant by putting her all into her internship with one of Washington D.C.'s most in-demand firms. But a flirtation at the Hays-Adams bar with a handsome young man will change the course of her life because William Andrew Clayton has just entered politics and the last thing he needs is a woman with more than one possible career-ending secret but she's the only woman he wants.

This is the year that I find myself discovering quite a number of book series that I am now officially addicted to, and it often has to do with the fact that I'll sign up to review a book that sounds interesting but happens to be the latest release in an already existing series. Now, if you're familiar with my reviews, you'll know that I have a thing about reading books in a series in order because I feel that doing so gives me a better and more well-rounded reading experience. That was the case with Flirting with Scandal, the first book in the Capital Confessions series from Chanel Cleeton. I got the ARC to book two in the series via NetGalley and knew I had to read book one first. Now, here I am, after having read the two book back-to-back and I'm so in love with Chanel Cleeton's stories and characters, plus book three's on my TBR list.

Jackie and Will are on my list of all-time favorite book couples and a lot of it has to do with them being so far from the norm as individuals and as a twosome. Jackie doesn't let her illegitimacy become her identity and while she may have wanted some form of acknowledgment from her father the one time she saw him when she was a child, she's gone on to live her own life and go after her own dreams. She refuses to be anything like her mother, wanting to be her own woman and not rely on other people. Then there's Will who had me swooning. If I guy like him actually existed, there would be far fewer disillusioned and heartbroken women in the world. He may be entering politics but he's far too sincere and real to be called a politician. I loved these two together and there pent-up passion and actual affection was very endearing.

The story had a good amount of political intrigue mixed in with all the romance and sex. I liked the whole behind-the-scenes feel of the book as well, especially since Jackie and Will were such a perfect together not just personally but professionally as well. Jackie saw that Will was sincere about his political ambitions and that it wasn't about power but wanting to serve his constituents, so you could see that she wanted him to translate well with voters. These two were the epitome of the saying "Behind every great man stands a great woman," but as much as Jackie helped Will in his first foray into politics, Will was the one who opened Jackie's heart and made her see that he was someone she could trust and find forever with. Le sigh. Flirting with Scandal is the ideal weekend read and I highly recommend you check it out. Five stars! ♥

Date Read: 30 July 2015

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