Review: Flash Bang by Meghan March (Flash Bang #1)

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After a plane crashes and the power goes out, Rowan Callahan heads out of Chicago with nothing more than a backpack put together by her father. The backpack contains items for doomsday, a day Rowan's father felt was coming soon. She treks her way to their family-owned farm where she knows her father and younger sister will be waiting for her, but along the way, she finds herself injured and hiding from men she witnessed harming another woman. She's soon rescued by a group of men who turn out to be former Marines, and if she thought her family were prepared for the end of the world, these men had them beat.

The men living on the Castle Creek Whitetail Ranch know all about survival and are prepared for almost any eventuality with the collapse of the grid...until they rescue a headstrong and beautiful woman named Ro. She sparks the interest of best friends Graham Buchanan and Zachariah Sawyer but the two men aren't sure Ro is looking to become part of a ménage à trois, especially after having lost her career when she refused to participate in one right before everything happened. But once she agrees to what they have in mind, will Graham and Zach be able to let Ro go once it's time for her to leave and be with her family?

Flash Bang is a post-apocalyptic romance from author Meghan March and is the first in a series by the same title. The world as they know it is over and Rowan Callahan makes her way to her family farm in order to be with her father and sister. On the way there, she is rescued by ex-Marines after she suffers injuries while escaping a group seeking to harm her. Two among the former Marines are attracted to her--best friends Graham Buchanan and Zach Sawyer--and the feeling is very much mutual. She agrees to engage in a ménage with them when they inform her that they'll escort her all the way to her father's farm once she's healed up. Soon enough, Ro is ready to go but neither Graham or Zach is ready to let her leave.

Rowan is independent and feisty but being with Graham and Zach calls to her most basic feminine needs and desires and once the three get together, she knows that what she's experienced is due in large part to the two men who want to be with her. This being set post-apocalypse, sex doesn't become that big of a priority but with the three lead characters, it's obvious that it soon becomes more than just about sex. What they have is about love and companionship, as well as having one's trust and respect, in order for that kind of relationship to work. It was easy to understand why it was difficult for Ro to choose between being with her father and sister and being with the two men she's fallen in love with and grown to care for.

What I liked best about the book was that it wasn't focused solely on the sex and the ménage relationship among Ro, Graham, and Zach. Yes, those definitely spiced everything up, but it was interesting to see how the group on the Castle Creek Whitetail Ranch functioned as a cohesive unit and formed a family of their own. They really are like a little community living and working together and the addition of Ro makes for an interesting development in their daily routines. I would definitely like to know more about what brought about the downing of the grid because that would make the amateur conspiracy theorist in me happy. Flash Bang sparked my curiosity and makes me want to read future installments. It gets five stars! ♥

Date Read: 04 August 2015

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