Review: Dare to Rock by Carly Phillips (Dare to Love #7)

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At the age of eighteen, pursuing his dream of becoming a musician meant Grey Kingston had to leave behind everything--his home, his family, and his girl, Avery Dare. He went on to become the lead singer and guitarist of Tangled Royal, a band that has legions of fans everywhere, and is a talented songwriter who has collaborated with other artists. He now has the life he's always wanted for himself--except he's come to the point where he feels it's time to settle down and have his career take a backseat. With Tangled Royal disbanding, Grey finds his way back home and hopefully, back into the arms of the only girl he loves.

Ever since her father's dirty laundry aired in public when she was child, Avery Dare has been wary of the press and any sort of attention turned her way makes her anxious, sometimes leading to blackouts. She prefers the quiet life, but with the return of her former boyfriend Grey Kingston and the attention he brings with him as a rock star, Avery finds her world thrown into chaos. Add to that a stalker who has made it clear that Avery is to blame for Tangled Royal's breakup and Avery is caught between retreating to the solitude she had or choosing to be with the one guy she loves and everything that comes with his fame.

Dare to Rock is the seventh book in the very popular Dare to Love series from bestselling author Carly Phillips. Avery Dare is the youngest child in the first Dare family and fans of the series will recall that she was the one who donated her bone marrow to the youngest child of the second Dare family, Sienna. Grey Kingston is Avery's first love and someone who walked away from her in order to go after his dream. Just like her father, there's a feeling of abandonment but Avery has proven herself to be a woman who is able to move forward and make something of herself, without being constantly saddled by what her father did or by pining away for Grey all these years. Avery and Grey's story is a second chance romance and while I did enjoy it, I do wish that Grey worked a bit more to regain Avery's love and trust, especially considering his decision to leave caught her off guard and he didn't really make too much of an effort to keep in touch.

One of the highlights in the story had to do with Avery and her father, one that I felt was a long time coming and I couldn't stop the smile on my face from spreading after everything was said and done. My opinion of Robert Dare has never been a good one and there simply is no excuse for his behavior and his treatment of his children from his first marriage. That it took the youngest in that particular brood to put him in his place had me cheering Avery on. While each of the books is about how the Dare siblings and cousins fall in love and find the person they're meant to spend the rest of their lives with, the series as a whole is also about family and being able to be more than their surname. It also shows that the mistakes of one's parents and the dysfunction within a family doesn't have to dictate how you lead the rest of your life. This was a good installment to the series and I look forward to the next one. Dare to Rock gets four stars. ♥

Release Date: 04 August 2015

Date Read: 02 August 2015

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