Review: Unwritten Law by Eden Finley (Steele Brothers #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Foreword PR & Marketing.

While I've been (im)patiently waiting for the third novel in her Fake Boyfriend series, Eden Finley threw me for a loop when I found out that she was releasing the first in a new series! Steele Brothers kicks off with Unwritten Law, which introduces readers to identical twin brothers Anderson and Lawson--Anders and Law, respectively. Book one is about the younger of the brothers, Law, who at twenty-eight, has kept his bisexuality a secret. One secret the two brothers do share is the fact that it's Lawson who steps in when Anders needs to break up with a current boyfriend. When Anders asks Law to step in as him for a blind date, Law does his brotherly duty, hoping to get it over and done with quickly. However, twenty-four-year-old Reed Garvey ticks all of Law's boxes, and the attraction is very much mutual. But one time together leaves them both hoping for a repeat or two (or ten), even as it's made clear from the get-go that neither man is looking for a relationship. The more time they spend together, the more the two men fall for each other, but how will Reed react when he learns that Anders Steele is actually Law Steele?

Okay, that brief summary that I posted in the above paragraph? Well, that's only the tip of the iceberg as far as this book is concerned. There's a whole lot more that happens and not just between Law and Reed. We have the complicated love story that goes on with the main characters, but we also get enough of a back story regarding Anders and why he is the way he is that I was already itching to find out when his book would be released not even halfway through this series starter and if he was going to be paired up with the guy I suspect would be perfect for him. You'd think that a twin pretending to be his identical sibling would be confusing to read about, but nope! Not only did I already have a feeling that was what was happening when Reed and Law first meet, but Eden Finley also did a bang-up job making it clear enough that I never lost track of when Law was Law and when he was pretending to be Anders. There's also a side story regarding a student that tugged at my heartstrings, and it's one that highlights how amazing Law and Reed were. Unwritten Law receives five stars. May I have book two now, please? ♥

Date Read: 08 September 2018

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