Review: Stroke by Allie Juliette Mousseau, Mary Ting, Hilary Storm, Stacey Kestwick, Brooke Page, Jennifer Miller, Sydney Lane, M. Mabie, Quinn Knightly, Kathy Coopmans, A.E. Woodward, Shantel Tessier, Alexandrea Weis, Stacey Mosteller, Cora Brent, Amy Marie, Angela Corbett, C.A. Harms, S. Moose, Clarissa Wild, Jacob Chance, Marley Valentine, Winter Travers, and Maria Vickers

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.

At first glance, the cover of Stroke will have you thinking you're about to read an anthology; but take a closer look, because what we've got her is ONE continuous story with twenty-four different authors writing a chapter each, except for one who pens both the final chapter and epilogue. I've tried to think back on all the books I've read in my almost five decades on the planet, most of which have been spent reading, and I don't think I can recall this sort of book gracing my bookshelves. So of course, I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to not just read this new romance, but to see how it worked out.

Stroke is an enemies-to-lovers romance that's set in the world of publishing, specifically a health and fitness magazine with the same title as this book. Equipped with a master's degree in Fine Arts majoring in photography, Mia Adams is ready to prove her worth, grateful for the opportunity to interview for the position of assistant at Stroke. Unfortunately, the impression she makes on Trak Cohen, the magazine's co-CEO, head photographer, and editor is memorable for all the wrong reasons. The same can be said for his impression on her, but a second chance is provided by Trent Cohen, Trak's older brother and fellow CEO. Now, Mia has both Cohens demanding her attention. Who wins?

This was certainly an intriguing read in terms of how twenty-four authors writing a chapter each will be able to keep everything cohesive. I'm happy to say that there was a pretty continuous feel to the pacing and development of the story. Yes, there were definitely chapters where the writing stood out more, but as far as I'm concerned, I was still able to full enjoy the story. It took a bit for more to warm up to the main characters, Trak more than Mia, but I was entertained, which is what mattes. Four stars go to Stroke.

Release Date: 10 November 2021

Date Read: 09 November 2021

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