Review: Forever Wilde in Aster Valley by Lucy Lennox (Forever Wilde #9)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Forever Wilde in Aster Valley is a crossover novel that brings together characters from her uber popular Forever Wilde and Made Marian series and has them spending the holidays alongside the folks from her on-going Aster Valley series. While touted as a standalone, this is where I'm going to highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the three aforementioned series because characters galore from there are part and parcel of this all-new book, albeit more as recurring supporting characters. 

This is Miller Hobbs's story, and if you've read His Saint (Forever Wilde book five), then you may recall him popping up over there. After the devastating loss of his mother, Miller appreciates being invited to spend the holidays with the extended Wilde and Marian families. He is, however, feeling rather overwhelmed by the sheer number of the combined clans. He also can't help but feel lost, an outlier of sorts. His escape is his regular visits to the bakery owned by Darius Grant. The two are soon smitten with each other, but is this nothing more than a holiday fling, one fraught with unresolved family issues and long-held hurts, or could this be the beginning of something that'll last?

It's always fun visiting with the Wildes and Marians, only this time around, we've got the Aster Valley folks joining in the shenanigans. If you're new to Lucy Lennox's writing or haven't read all of her books, you may need to play catch-up or try to figure out a way to keep all the family members and couples straight (or not). As for Miller and Darius' romance, it was sugary sweet with quite a bit of heat to keep you warm if you're like me and the weather is cooler. I enjoyed catching up with those who've gotten their HEAs and adored Miller and Darius. Four stars go to Forever Wilde in Aster Valley.

Release Date: 16 November 2021

Date Read: 14 November 2021

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