Review: Second Chance Santa by JJ Knight

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.

JJ Knight is back and her new holiday romance has jingled all the way to my heart! The title of the book is Second Chance Santa and the story is, indeed, a second chance romance with a hot Santa. For two years, Mack McAllister and Rory Sheffield were the couple that couldn't get enough of each other. When they graduated from law school, Rory left for Boston. A decade has passed since then, and Rory has gotten her first glimpse of Mack while doing some Christmas shopping. Instead of donning a designer suit and tie and styled hair though, Rory spots her ex wearing a red velvet suit with white fur trim and white fluffy beard to boot! This is so not the guy she fell for years ago. What could have gone wrong? Maybe the question is, what could be going right because this Mack makes Rory eager to be on his naughty list.

A return to JJ Knight's Pickle book world is one of life's joys, and I definitely relished being back in it. That being said, you can still read this new book without having read any of the Pickle stories and spin-offs. Mack and Rory's story is able to stand on its own merits, and it won't have you feeling lost or clueless. These two were memorable main characters and their story was a fantastic read. It took a bit for me to warm up to Rory, but once those layers were peeled back--thanks to Mack--I got to see the real Rory and realized that she was, indeed, perfect for Mack. As always, there's a lot wit and humor to be found here, and of course, the romance was as swoony as ever. All the Christmas feels were like the cherry on top of this delectable holiday romance read, one I merrily recommend. Five stars for Second Chance Santa.

Date Read: 17 November 2021

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