Review: Text Me, Baby, One More Time by Teagan Hunter (Texting #4)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR.

Shepard: Bucky? 
Denver: *grumbles* What. 
Shepard: I'll buy you a pug. 
Shepard: Yes. Now quit talking about whoring yourself out.

GAH! This series! Prior to reading the Texting series, my only Teagan Hunter reads were We Are the Stars, Here's to Tomorrow, and If You Say So, and while I liked those three books, there's simply something extraordinarily awesome about these Texting novels, stories of relationships borne out text conversations. I'm one of those people who prefers communicating via the written word, and yes, I've forged a number of wonderful friendships through written correspondence (whether digital or otherwise) over the decades. So yeah, I could definitely relate to the goings-on in these books, and just like the three that came before it, the fourth--and FINAL! Waaaaah!--novel had the heart, heat, and humor that I've come to expect in all things Texting. Hunter's knocked it out of the park here. I'm nine percent in love with this series in general and this book in general (read the book to get this inside joke).

Text Me, Baby, One More Time is a friends-to-lover-to-enemies, second-chance romance between Shepard Clark and Denver Andrews. Shepard is the younger brother of Zach Hastings from Let's Get Textual while Denver is the twin sister of Monty Andrews from Can't Text This. As was the case with the other Texting books, this could work as a standalone; however, I'm highly recommending that the books be read in order because the main characters from there do recur, plus in the case of Shep and Denny's story, there's a direct tie to the story of Zach and his girlfriend, Delia Devlin. Also, I loved all four of the books in the series, and I can't recommend them enough. I'm also trying to save up credits on Audible so that I can get the audiobooks and experience these stories once again!

When we start Shep and Denny's story, it seems that there isn't any love lost between them, and it becomes clear that this is something that's about five years running. They met via text as seniors in high school and work together to try and dissuade their respective best friends from marrying too early. They live a couple of thousand miles from each other yet are able to create a one-of-a-kind kinship that blossoms into more amid the banter and back and forth. Readers see the beginnings of their relationship through their text exchanges, and this is where their Teagan Hunter's gift for writing stories with wit and humor are on full display. The evolution and devolution of their relationship is heartwarming and heartrending, respectively, but Shep wants this second chance to be with Denny.

There's always a bittersweet feeling when a beloved series comes to an end, but if I had to choose the way the Texting series could have taken its final bow, it would have been with this book. I loved Shep and Denny and for all their issues as a couple--and maybe one or two as individuals--these two were absolutely meant to be. I'll be honest, I wasn't a fan of Shep's going into this--please refer to his behavior in Let's Get Textual--but the guy did redeem himself and it was pretty clear just how much he loved Denny and that at his very core, he was a good person who just happened to make some really bad life choices. Denny was fabulous and a truly strong heroine. Her love for Steve--read the book, people!--earned her bonus points. And the supporting characters made this Text Me, Baby, One More Time an even more fun-filled and endearing must-read. This series ender snags five-plus stars. ♥

Date Read: 15 February 2019

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