Review: Stalk Her by Ker Dukey (Dukey's Dark Delights)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Stalk Her is a novella by Ker Dukey and is part of her Dukey's Dark Delights collection. While this book is short in length, it did read like a full-length novel to me. Twenty-seven-year-old Erik Ross and his sister, Ebony, survived their abusive mother, but in very different ways. When he comes across nineteen-year-old Alice Young, her reaching out for help has her coming to the attention of a predator--and that predator is none other than Erik himself. Alice is prey that's ripe for the picking, but stalking her may not prepare Erik for just how damaged she is.

I tried to keep the story to the barest of bones because this is the sort of read that could be absolutely spoiled should there be too many details that are divulged. The author did a great job with the element of suspense, having me on the edge of my seat with some of the, umm, things that Erik did while, erm, keeping an eye on Alice. I appreciated that there was way more to Alice than originally meets the eye, and while I can't go into it, suffice it to say that this girl was a revelation. These two as individuals were notable; as a couple, they were very intriguing.

This book is only my second Ker Dukey read, but she's quickly become an author whose work I look forward to reading more of. For such a short book, there's quite a bit that goes on, and Dukey's story and character developments aren't anything to sneeze at either. If you're looking for hearts and flowers and "le sigh" moments, I highly suggest you look elsewhere. However, if you're curious about what lies between the covers of this book, I can honestly tell you that it'll be worth the read, just keep your HEA expectations in check. Four stars for Stalk Her. ♥

Release Date: 22 February 2019

Date Read: 21 February 2019

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