Review: Taste by Melanie Harlow (Cloverleigh Farms: Next Generation #2)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

I admit it: I was prepared to NOT like Gianni Lupo. When it was clear that he was going to be paired with Ellie Fournier for the second book in the Cloverleigh Farms: Next Generation series, I told myself I had to set aside my initial impression of him. And well, once I had a better taste of not just Gianni, but Gianni AND Ellie together, in Taste, I had a greater appreciation for their history and the journey they took towards their happily-ever-after.

Taste is an enemies-to-lovers and forced proximity story featuring twenty-three-year-olds Ellie Fournier (daughter of Mia Devine and Lucas Fournier from Frenched) and Gianni Lupo (eldest son of Coco Thomas and Nick Lupo from Forked). They've known each other their entire lives, pushed together as kids by their mothers who were best friends. But Gianni and Ellie are far from friendly. So, imagine what happens when a polar vortex leaves these two polar opposites trapped in a roadside motel room for more than a day?

It was easy to imagine Gianni incessantly poking at Ellie until she'd snap and slap his hand away. He know just what to say and do to get a reaction out of her, and she never disappointed, and that went on for years between them. They acted like kids most of the time, but I did have to remind myself that they were only twenty-three. The surprise pregnancy angle certainly added an interesting twist, especially given how different their views were when it came to marriage and children. I liked seeing Ellie and Gianni become more mature, as well as the balance of humor and angst. Taste receives four stars.


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Release Date: 07 March 2022

Date Read: 06 March 2022

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