Review: Let Me Love You by Scarlett Cole (Excess All Areas #5)

Note: An advance reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wildfire Marketing.

Sometimes, you make good decision. Sometimes, you make purely selfish ones. Sometimes, life doesn't work out the way you hoped. Sometimes, it knocks you on your arse. But every time, love finds your battered heart and brings you home.

Just when I thought there wasn't anything left of my heart for the Excess All Areas series to take, along comes the fifth and final book, and it seems that my patched up heart has been swiped yet again. Let Me Love You is the one I was most anxious for, especially since there was such a build-up between the main characters throughout the series. Benjamin King and Chaya Tobias have been best friends for what feels like forever, but more recently, there have been underlying feelings and emotions simmering between them--feelings and emotions that neither of them could ever act on. Not when Ben knew all too well that Chaya's family would never approve of her being with someone who wasn't Jewish. And now, Chaya's is engaged to be married--not to the man she's loved for years, but to a man who passes muster. For fifteen years, Ben has been Chaya's constant and vice-versa. He rescued her when he was fifteen and she was eleven. Can he save her now from an ordinary life and show Chaya that she deserves an extraordinary one with him?

I lost count of the number of times I kept wondering how much more my heart could take because this book was all about the feels. I couldn't help but empathize with the heartrending situation that Ben and Chaya were in. What do you do when you so in love with someone who fits in you in every single way except for one? You don't have to be Jewish in order to appreciate the complexities these two faced. Whether it be not sharing the same faith, race, nationality, culture, and so on, this sort of hurdle often seems insurmountable. But life is all about choices, and sometimes, compromises have to be made. In the case of Ben and Chaya, I guess it was a matter of perspective, realizing that the best kind of compromise is the one that involves communication while still being able to follow your heart. This was also a story about family, and I loved being able to "hang" with the guys of Sad Fridays and the women they cherished, as well as with the perfectly imperfect Nan, one last time. So darn bittersweet. Let Me Love You garners five-plus stars.

Release Date: 30 August 2022

Date Read: 21 August 2022

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