Review: The Bold and the Bullheaded by Willow Aster & Laura Pavlov (G.D. Taylors #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors.

I've been itching to read the second book in the G.D. Taylors series since I finished the series starter a couple of months ago. Wanted Wed or Alive hooked me, and by the end of that book, I was hooked. Willow Aster and Laura Pavlov deliver a strong follow-up with book two, The Bold and the Bullheaded. This is Spence Taylor and Emma Kingsley's story, Spence being the eldest among the Taylor siblings and Emma the only child of a devoted father and absentee mother. This book can be read as a standalone since it features a different couple, but be warned that there are spoilers when it comes to its predecessor.

Spence Taylor and Emma Kingsley can't stand to be in each other's vicinity for any period of time. He's the Grumpy Smurf to her Prickly Princess, although there's a reason why she's called Queenie, thank you very much. But behind all that P and V (that's piss and vinegar to those of you who have yet to read this book), there's a sizzling attraction that both are actively ignoring. The feisty lawyer has walls that are high and fortified, but the construction business owner decides the time has come to break through said walls. The question is, can Emma stop herself from building them back up? What will it take for Spence to prove that he has no intention of leaving, no matter how bull-headed she gets?

I'll be honest, I wasn't a huge Emma fan for a good number of chapters. I get being stubborn, but hers was more defiance in the face of common sense. For someone as smart as she was, her refusal to not take matters regarding a senior member in the law firm to the higher-ups was just mind-boggling. As the layers were peeled back and we get more of her personality, I had a better understanding of her and saw why she and Spence worked as a couple. I adored both their families--Spence's immediate one and Emma's self-created one--and it's that aspect about family that's made this series an even more endearing set of stories, aside from being entertaining. Willow Aster and Laura Pavlov clearly work well together, which is why The Bold and the Bullheaded is getting 4.5 stars.


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Release Date: 25 June 2021

Date Read: 25 June 2021

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