Review: A Circle of Crows by Kelsey Kingsley

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity.

One of my favorite things about Kelsey Kingsley is that you never know what you're going to get from her with each new book she releases. The exceptional writing is a given. I love that she isn't boxed in by any particular trope or romance sub-genre. Her latest novel certainly kept me on my toes, thanks to rather excellent elements of mystery and suspense wrapped around the theme of love and family. A Circle of Crows is a standalone, so if you're new to this author, this is as good a time as any to discover Kingsley's writing.

A Circle of Crows is the story of Rosie Allan and Alec Brodie. She's an American who makes her way to Scotland with her son in tow when her sister, Grace, goes missing. There she meets Alec, an inspector handling Grace's case, one which turns out to be a suspected murder. Rosie is bound and determined to get answers and justice for her sister, and Alec, wary to trust anyone in his hometown of Fort Crow, finds an ally in her. Amidst their quest for clues, they discover and are forced to confront two things unexpected along the way: the reality of falling in love and the all too real danger that appears to be coming after them as they get too close to uncovering Fort Crow's secrets.

From the very enticing beginning till the wholly satisfying end, Kelsey Kingsley offered up the kind of story and characters that I could NOT get enough of. I'm a sucker for well-written romantic suspense, and Kingsley gifted readers that in exceptional fashion with A Circle of Crows. Dare I say that it was impossible for me to not become as invested in everything that was happening between the covers, but then that's what tends to happen when a book is simply this good? While I'm not one to box an author in to a particular genre, I hope there'll be more romantic suspense from Kingsley in the future. Five stars!

Release Date: 18 June 2021

Date Read: 18 June 2021

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