Review: Shift by Ginger Scott (Fuel #1)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Wordsmith Publicity.

I'll pronounce my love for this boy in a court of law, in the face of death, at the line of fire. I'll love him for always because I know, whether he can say it yet or not, he loves me back. He loves me, and I won't let go.

I may as well just hand Ginger Scott my heart already since I have a sneaking suspicion by the time the Fuel trilogy has concluded, I'll have nothing left of it. Shift is the novel that introduces readers to seventeen-year-old Dustin Bridges and sixteen-year-old Hannah Judge. The former's home life is horrendous, what with having parents dealing with addiction and handing out neglect and abuse; it's with the latter's family that Dustin finds solace and it's in racing that he finds a respite from everything he wants to get away from. Tommy Judge is his best friend, and Tommy's younger sister is the girl Dustin has been quietly falling in love with. They become each other's first love, but can it even last?

This is the first in a trilogy, which should basically tell you that yes, this ends in a cliffhanger. No, it's not a super, duper evil type of cliffy, but it's a cliffy nonetheless. Dustin and Hannah are young and in love and readers witness their relationship evolve and bloom from friends to much more. My heart went out to Dustin; no child deserves to have the sort of "home life" that he had to endure because it wasn't much of a home nor was he deserving of that life. As much as Dustin and Hannah love each other though, they've got things to experience apart, and I'm going to be there for every single bit of it as books two and three are released next month. For now, I'm giving Shift five-plus stars.

Date Read: 30 June 2021

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