Audiobook Review: Rules to Ignore by Susan Hawke, narrated by Michael Dean (Davey's Rules #5)

Note: The audiobook was provided by the author via Gay Romance Reviews Audio Team.

Saying goodbye to characters that you've grown attached to is never an easy thing, but it's a reality any reader has to deal with when it comes to a series ending. Susan Hawke's has managed to give readers not just one but two series where the casts of characters are the kind that stay with you long after one couple gets its happy ending and the next one comes along. Hawke certainly had her work cut out for her because her Lovestrong series had that perfect balance of angst and humor and Michael Dean, who narrated the audiobooks under his Michael Pauley moniker, brought every single one of those stories to life and his voice served as the perfect accompaniment. While I fell in like with the Davey's Rules series in the beginning, that like developed into love with each new story that Hawke released, and now we've reached the end with Davey himself getting his happily-ever-after with none other than his best friend, Sammy.

Davey has been such a fixture throughout the series. After all, he's the snarky, whip-smart diva who had a seemingly never-ending list of rules for his future Daddy. Here's the thing, though: that list of his made two things clear--first, no such Daddy would ever be able to follow every single one of Davey's rules; and second, maybe Davey wasn't as much of a boy as he may have thought he was. Sure, Davey was a brat and a diva, but was it possible that the Daddy of his dirtiest dreams didn't exist because he would never have had a good with any Daddy? Not only is his circle of friends pointing out that maybe Davey was meant to be more of a Daddy than a boy, but they're beginning to make him see his best friend, Sammy, in a whole new light. But are Davey and Sammy willing to mess around with each other if it means messing with the family unit they've created with Sammy's children? And could this be a fling or a forever kind of thing?

I adored Sammy from the moment his character was introduced in the series, and my heart broke for him when he lost his beloved Raph. On the other hand, Davey is one of those characters who I was a tad iffy with in the beginning, and that had a lot to do with his being a diva. But with each new book, Susan Hawke has peeled back layers, and Davey was revealed to be someone whose heart was filled with care and concern for those who mattered most to him. Funnily enough, he kinda-sorta-maybe-really reminded me of myself. I was wary about how Hawke would make their relationship go from platonic to romantic, especially given how much Sammy loved Raph, but I needn't have worried because she pulled it off wonderfully! And as expected, Michael Dean did what he does best and gave his best performance to date in this series with this absolutely heartwarming and humorous ending. Five-plus stars for Rules to Ignore! ♥

Date Listened to: 20 March 2020

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