Review: Lovewrecked by Karina Halle

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Lovewrecked is the newest standalone release from bestselling author Karina Halle, and it's a lighthearted read that's an entertaining form of escape for anyone who's beginning to feel the weight of staying home during this pandemic we find ourselves in. We've got a merry maid of honor, a broody best man, and a destination wedding in paradise but both end up shipwrecked on a deserted island that may be their purgatory...or not. Daisy Lewis is a good person, and good people like her shouldn't be experiencing the sort of bad luck that she's been saddled with. Being her sister's maid of honor should, indeed, be an honor, but being stuck with a best man like Tai Wakefield is a horrorfest of a nightmare. He may be hot and all that, but he's like a thundercloud that stands out in a sunshiny setting. Now they're on some strange island, and things are about to get a whole lot stranger between them. Could Daisy's luck have changed and she finds love unexpectedly or will her luck become worse if falling in love with Tai leaves her poor heart wrecked?

Karina Halle has taken the forced proximity trope and added her own bit of creativity to it. The main characters find themselves stuck on an island and stuck with each other, and I liked the fact that there was this whole bit of animosity already swirling between them because it certainly made for some lighthearted reading. Of course, if it were stuck with someone I didn't like, it would be a whole 'nother matter, but these two were drawn to one another, a fact that couldn't be denied even though they couldn't stand each other. The back and forth between Daisy and Tai made for some great entertainment. Sure, there were other people on the island, but these two pushed each other's buttons like no other, and finally giving in was inevitable. Halle an author who clearly knows what she's doing when she takes readers on a new romance adventure. Four stars for Lovewrecked.

Release Date: 27 April 2020

Date Read: 27 April 2020

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