Review: Cowboy's Law by BA Tortuga

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Gay Romance Reviews ARC Team.

Mention M/M cowboy romance and BA Tortuga is the first author that comes to mind. Her latest release is Cowboy's Law, which reminds readers that not all families are made up of a shared bloodline. When rodeo star Seth Rodgers’s best friend, Pistol McCann, names him as the legal guardian of his younger brother, Wiley, and four younger sisters, Dawn, Bethany, Keira, and Jordan, he takes the responsibility to heart. Losing Pistol for all of them, but in the year and a half since then, Seth has become Uncle Seth to Pistol’s siblings, becoming the father figure that they all need and deserve. They’re a family unit through and through and have made Seth’s house a true home, but when Pistol’s oldest brother unexpectedly arrives, everyone is caught unaware. Law wasn’t there for Pistol’s funeral, so why is he now on Seth’s doorstep eighteen months later? It seems like Law has nowhere else to go, and while Seth is still cautious about the former Army Ranger, he gives him a place to stay. Will Law find family and home with the Seth?

This was a wholly entertaining and endearing M/M cowboy romance, one that touched upon what family is all about and how home isn’t necessarily a house with history and familiarity. It was clear just how adored Seth was by his best friend’s younger siblings. He was the glue that held them together, providing them with guidance and discipline and a whole lot of affection and love, what with their parents and Pistol all gone. With the appearance of Law, you would think that everything would be thrown into disarray, but I’m glad that BA Tortuga took the story in the direction she did because there was already a sufficient amount of angst brought about by Pistol’s passing and Law’s injuries while in the army. There were quite a few supporting characters that showed up, especially in the latter half of the story, and I couldn’t help but wonder if one couple already had their story told and if there were others that would follow Seth and Law’s, thus making this a series starter. Either way, I enjoyed every bit of Cowboy’s Law. It gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 12 April 2020

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