Review: Forgiven by Carrie Aarons (Nash Brothers #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author.

Forgiven is the second novel in Carrie Aarons's Nash Brothers series, and it features a second-chance love story between Bowen Nash and Lily Grantham who were once young and in love, but all it took was one accident for the young love they believed would later lead to marriage to abruptly end. Bowen was eighteen and had the makings of continuing his baseball prowess in college and then on to the majors when he and the seventeen-year-old love of his life got into a car accident. His injuries killed his promising baseball playing career and hers would leave her in a coma. Upon waking, Lily and Bowen didn't have the reunion almost everyone thought they would, not when Bowen made the choice to end things with her. For ten years, they've continued to live in their hometown of Fawn Hill, living very separate lives and actively ignoring each other's existence. When one of Bowen's brother and one of Lily's best friends become engaged, the two former lovers are forced into closer proximity of each other than ever in the past decade. Maybe Lily can finally find out why Bowen ended things, but will it lead to closure or another chance at love? Will Bowen reveal his darkest secret and in the end, will he gain forgiveness or more pain?

I loved Bowen's angst and broodiness and when the reason behind it all came out, I felt for the guy. I mean, to be forced to keep a secret for ten years and then live a life that was so different from the one he once imagined he would have with Lily will make any guy all broody. The thing is--and this is why I'm giving the book the rating that it's getting--I couldn't fully wrap my head around what brought about the whole secret keeping thing. I'm going to try and explain this part without getting spoilery so it may not make a great deal of sense: Bowen had a reason for breaking up with Lily ten years prior, and it was the motivations of those who masterminded the whole scheme that didn't click with me. You'll get what I'm talking about once you read the book, but yeah, it just gave me pause because I could never imagine someone who had that role in Lily's life to do what they did. I enjoyed the rest of the story, however, especially with how Bowen and Lily moved forward together, albeit far more quickly than I had expected. Forgiven gets four stars out of five stars, and I'm curious to see who "Uncle..." could turn out to be soon. ♥


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Release Date: 11 April 2019

Date Read: 07 April 2019

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