Review: Menace by Laramie Briscoe (Moonshine Task Force #5)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Give Me Books Promotions in exchange for an honest review.

Every day when I leave the house, there's a possibility I won't come home. It's always mattered because of Caleb, but now it's more acute. This woman has my heart. I don't want to leave her alone, should it come to that. More than anything, I'm desperately wanting to spend whatever time I have left on this earth with her, making memories that last a lifetime, telling our grandkids about how we met, and how the attraction was so fucking instantaneous that I knew in the moment she would be mine forever.

I. Love. This. Series! Every single new release feels as if it's bringing the Moonshine Task Force series up a level. In Menace, Laramie Briscoe gives us the story of the single father in the bunch, thirty-four-year-old Mason Harrison, and I confess that it's one that I've been excited for ever since he and his son, eighteen-year-old high school senior Caleb, had a more prominent presence in the previous books. The man known as Menace has always had a quiet intensity about him, and now, we find out how he became a father at sixteen and continues to be sole parent to Caleb. He shares his story with twenty-seven-year-old high school teacher Karina Holland--and yes, she happens to be none other than Caleb's teacher! But this isn't your usual teacher-and-parent love story. Nope, it all begins with a date via phone application. Yup, you read that right. Which results in one hot, unforgettable one-night stand that leaves both Mason and Karina wanting more. However, Karina hesitates, what with Caleb stirring up feelings she's never experienced. The future may be filled with promise, but only if these two don't let the past hold them back.

One of my favorite things about this series is how the author has given a different love story for each of her couples. In the case of Mason and Karina, they share an undeniable connection from the moment they meet, but fear has one of them pressing pause. Neither one may want to rewind and erase what happened, but moving forward in hopes of seeing if the potential for a relationship is truly there is a whole different thing. But goodness me, the chemistry between these two could only be tamped down for so long, and when they finally get together, it's both sugary sweet and sexily sizzling! I loved that their story didn't follow the typical sort of romance. This simply was THEIR story and it went according to how they felt and what they wanted from each other and what they needed from their relationship. Aside from their love story, I also loved how Caleb has done a heck of a lot of growing up. And yes, we finally find out who's behind the whole illegal moonshine operation in the local high school! Menace easily receives five-plus stars, and let me just say that Briscoe's note at the end had me squeeing! ♥


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Release Date: 09 March 2018

Date Read: 05 March 2018

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