Review: Wanderlust by Lauren Blakely

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via InkSlinger PR in exchange for an honest review.

We're in love, and we're ending, and we'll make the most of these last two weeks, and we're going to be okay with all the oddities and curiosities in our love story. We're the out-of-place elephant on the roof of the church. We're a sundial that doesn't work. We're the clock that's only right twice a day. We're ice cream that tastes amazing, but we can't have it for every meal. We can't have it much longer.

I originally listened to the audiobook of Wanderlust when it was released as an Audible Original more than a month ago--it was my first-ever Audible pre-order!--and fell in love with both Lauren Blakely's story and Richard Armitage's and Grace Grant's dual point-of-view narration. With the release of the ebook, I wanted to see if my experience would result in the same reaction, or if it would wane somewhat. The thing with Blakely's writing though, is that the love story she weaves and the main characters she gives her readers are the type that you become so invested in that when you encounter them again, it's like revisiting old friends and hearing a familiar story but still getting a kick out of all the details. That's just what happens with Archie and Judy, aka Griffin and Joy.

When their paths first cross, it's at a café in Paris, with him offering up the correct way to order a chocolate croissant that she's got her eye on. They part ways, neither one offering up their real names or a mobile number or email address. When they see each other again, it's outside yet another café. Could it be a twist of fate or nothing more than coincidence? What it turns out to be is a scheduled meet-up between a translator and his client--Griffin Thomas and Joy Lively, the couple who met outside a café over pain au chocolat. They're drawn to each other but are unsure about pursuing the attraction. Griffin is only in Paris temporarily, and Joy is there for a job. When their feelings can no longer be pushed aside, what hope is there for a future when they're going in different directions?

I've never made a secret of liking my romance--even my romantic comedies--with a dash of angst to it. This isn't your typical, laugh-out-loud rom-com, and while I love those as well, I love that there's an underlying sadness to at least one of the main characters. Weird, I know, but it makes the overall experience more enjoyable on my end. Griffin is in Paris for personal reasons while Joy is there for more professional ones, and yet, it becomes a place that has them converge while also a place where they will ultimately diverge. Joy needs Griffin because she doesn't want to be lost in translation; on the other hand, Griffin may not realize how much he needs Joy because he's lost. This book gave me all the feels all over again. I'm highly recommending you give Wanderlust a read. Five-plus stars. ♥

Release Date: 20 March 2018 19 March 2018 (early release)

Date Read: 09 March 2018

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