Review: Taking What is Mine by Abby Brooks & Will Wright (Wilde Boys #1)

Taking What Is Mine is the first book in the Wilde Brothers series penned by the husband and wife writing tandem of Will Wright and Abby Brooks. This is the story of rancher Chester Wilde and veterinarian Christine Harris. Chet is very much a cowboy whose life has always been about his family and their ranch. Raising cattle isn't for everyone, and Chet's been raised to do exactly that since he was a child. In his late thirties, Chet isn't the type to complain, accepting of his lot in life. Lately, however, he can't help but wonder about what else could be out there for him. And then he meets Christy, a woman who's been trying to break free from the abusive relationship she's been trapped in for far too long. They're both at a point where they're looking for change, but can Christy let go of all her fears and trust in what she and Chet share and take a chance with him?

I've read Abby Brooks once before, but this co-written effort with Will Wright was a first for me, and I enjoyed both their writing style and the story that they had to tell. Chet and Christy were main characters whose lives intersected at a time when they both needed something--or someone--to help them move forward. Both were easily likable, and there was a definite connection between the two of them that made the romance believable. It was also interesting to get glimpses at Chet's siblings, and that curiosity is vital because it has me looking forward to how the rest of the series will eventually play out. Overall, Taking What Is Mine works well as a series starter, allowing Chet and Christy to be in the spotlight while also introducing the potential next main characters in the Wilde Boys series. This sweet romance gets a thumbs up from me as well as a four-star rating. ♥

Date Read: 04 March 2018

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