Review: Of Hope and Anguish by Silvia Violet (Revolutionaries #2)

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Let me say two things to kick off this review of mine: first, Of Hope and Anguish may be a quicker read compared to its predecessor, Revolutionary Temptation, but the intensity remains the same; and second, I seriously need a third book because Silvia Violet cannot leave me hanging with a happy-for-now ending plus a number of unresolved story lines! Can you tell how into this series in general and this novel in particular I am? The author has set her intriguing story during the American Revolution, a period in which freedom was fought for, too many lives were lost, yet, Jack West and Eli Ashfield somehow still manage to find love amidst treason, treachery, and tension.

After the events in book one, Jack and Eli are forced to part ways in order to continue their respective missions. Jack would like nothing more than to have Eli safely ensconced in his bookshop in New York. However, Eli isn't the sort of man that can be easily dissuaded from the things he is most passionate about, and that includes doing his part in aiding Jack and the rest of their small but determined group. When Jack is forced to take a more behind-the-scenes role, Eli volunteers to take his place in Philadelphia, putting him in close contact with John Andre, a British spymaster. Trust is put to the test, and as much as Jack and Eli love each other, failing this could cost them.

Could this series seriously get any better? I loved that the romance didn't overpower the suspense in the story and  vice-versa. Trust me, with what Jack, Eli, Constance Sullivan, Randall Bradford, and their other accomplices were engaged in, that feeling of suspense was thrumming all throughout. The first novel was what introduced me to the author's writing--and I've read quite a few of her newer releases since then--but can I just say that Revolutionary Temptation remains a sentimental favorite, and with Of Hope and Anguish being such a fantastic follow-up, this series may very well become a top favorite among all of the ones I've read too. Book three soon, please? Five stars! ♥


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Date Read: 10 March 2018

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