Review: Found by Annabella Michaels (Hamilton's Heroes #1)

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

I get it. I finally get why Annabella Michaels has received as many positive reviews and high ratings as she has on Goodreads. Found is my introduction to her writing and after having read this Hamilton's Heroes series starter, I've already got her debut series, Souls of Chicago--from which this new collection has been spun off--at the top of my to-be-read list, ready for me to dive into once my schedule clears up. This new book of hers gave me the angst I tend to crave for as well as a true-blue romance between a man who's made it his mission to stay lost, and the man tasked to make sure that he's found safe and sound and returned to the city that took the one person who meant most to him. Jeremy and Zane learn that finding love can be easier than keeping it.

Abandoned by his mother and physically abused by his father, Zane Wilkinson's world imploded when he was eighteen and was left bleeding and beaten to a pulp outside a hospital. His injuries may have been sewn up and will heal, but when he learns that he's lost the person he loved most, Zane decides it would be best for him to get as far away from his father's clutches--away from Chicago. Seven years later, a man named Jeremy O'Brien comes to the lakeside property where a man named Zach works. The two forge a friendship, but the underlying attraction between them can't be denied. What Zach doesn't know is that the twelve-year US Air Force veteran who actually works for Hamilton Security and is looking for someone named Zane--a name Zach knows too well.

Before you think that this is some insta-love sort of story, it isn't. Zane's personal story may have begun seven years prior to Jeremy entering his life, but the one he shares with Jeremy--their love story--plays out over several weeks. Now, that may seem like a quick deal to some, but I have no personal qualms about it, especially since we can't really put some sort of time table or schedule when it comes to falling in love. My one requirement is that I have to believe that the main characters are falling in love--that there's chemistry and an unquestionable connection that exists, one that goes beyond the physical. Did Jeremy and Zane have that? Yes, they did. These two had different life experiences but they know what it's like to have to survive and to fight hard for each day.

Both Jeremy and Zane are keeping secrets from one another, and readers are privy to those secrets early on, which I found refreshing and was rather grateful for. Why the gratefulness? Well, as much as I love angst, there's also such a thing as having too much of a good thing. Zane's back story plus their respective secrets were guaranteed sources of angst, and it felt like the author knew she didn't have too push too hard. There's also a major twist in the story, but then I'm not sure if it's a twist for those who have read the Souls of Chicago series and if there was any sort of mention of...anything...there. I can't go into because of possible spoilage, but this is what has me all antsy to read those first set of books. Michaels had a great five-star turn with Found. ♥

Date Read: 01 March 2018

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