Review: Come Again by Poppy Dunne

Note: This ARC was provided by the author via Candi Kane in exchange for an honest review.

Poppy Dunne doesn't publish a book every couple of months, but when she does, it's rom-com gold. Come Again is her latest release and it's got an enemies-to-lovers feel to it. When they were kids, Fraser Drake was more homely than hot, at least as far as his best friend's younger sister was concerned. Emma Brightman was more nuisance than nice, and Fraser made it a point to keep his distance from her whenever possible. He was stoic, silent, and stiff, and she...wasn't. There wasn't much love lost nor were there any childhood crushes between these two complete opposites. Then Fraser migrated to England, and both their lives went merrily on.

More than fifteen years later, Emma is shocked to find out that the gorgeous man with a hint of an accent who's at her mother's birthday party and whose leather shoes she had splashed wine on is none other than the same Fraser whose last memory of his childhood best friend's sister was of her throwing up on his shoes. Neither one missed the other in the decade and a half they hadn't seen each other, so why can't they stop think about one another now? They can't seem to stay away from each other either. When they finally let go and let loose, the sex is undeniably hot. Is it nothing more than physical for them? Is sex enough to have these two coming back?

I feel Emma and I would be great friends if she existed in real life. Of course, we could grow to dislike each other immensely as well since there's a lot about here that I recognized in myself! Like me, she's literally the middle child, born between an equal amount of siblings. Her older brother is the golden boy who's on his way to ticking off every single thing that makes his life the envy of others; Her younger sister seems to do no wrong. Emma's the one who's seen as not coming quite up to snuff, but the woman's got a pretty good head on her shoulders. She marches to the beat of her very own drummer, and that's just one of the reasons I loved her.

Fraser, Fraser, Fraser. The guy was the epitome of silent waters running deep. There was far more to him than having the proverbial stiff upper lip attitude the English are believed to have. I confess, I have a thing for the quieter guys, the ones who prefer to handle matters with more subtlety yet still undeniable confidence. He gave as much as he took from Emma, and I liked that he never pandered to her simply because she was female. There was no denying that he loved her, but he didn't treat her like she was piece of precious glass or as if she's incapable of anything substantial. I swear, Poppy Dunne never disappoints. Five stars go to Come Again. ♥

Date Read: 28 February 2018

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