Review: Nice Guys Collection by Kindle Alexander (Nice Guys #1-#3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Enticing Journey Book Promotions.

I so loved revisiting this series in time for the release of the Nice Guys Collection, and bonus points for the bonus material provided by bestselling author Kindle Alexander. Each of the books--Double Full, Full Disclosure, and Full Domain--can be read as standalones, but they are loosely tied together AND the characters do make appearances throughout. My suggestion is that you read the books in order in this collection, and the books don't seem to have any sort notable changes or additions to them. The bonus material consists of snippets for the three novels (conveniently found at the end of each one) plus a recipe or two for every single one of them. Hell yes to all of it!

Double Full is a second-chance romance between professional football player Colton Michaels and professional cheerleader Jace Montgomery. They met as college freshmen and fell in love when they were seniors, but any promises made were thrown to the wayside--at least on Colt's end, no thanks to his overbearing father and agent. It takes nearly ten years for their paths to cross again, but things are far more complicated all this time later. Colt and Jace may be older and wiser, but there are people against them being together and their circumstances. This time around, will they make better choices and finally get their chance at a happily-ever-after years in the making?

Full Disclosure is Mitchell Knox's shot at his own happy ending, having been introduced as a pivotal supporting character in the first book. As a deputy US marshal, Mitch is on the hunt for whoever's behind the attempted murder of his friend Colt and other hate crimes. When he finds himself working side by side with a hot state trooper, Mitch tries to keep his head in the game but is constantly distracted by Cody Turner. These two may have their connection down pat, but they're from two seemingly different worlds. Sure, they're both law enforcement officers, but can the guy from the city find love and a future with the guy from the country or is this all temporary?

Full Domain is all about former SEAL Kreed Sinacola and NSA operative Aaron Stuart. Kreed is as good at his job as Aaron is at his, but after getting shot down by Aaron, Kreed can't deny how immensely intrigued he is by the younger guy. With his ever-changing hues when it comes to his hair and eyes, Aaron is a walking conundrum for Kreed, and just like with any mystery that needs solving, Kreed is intent on figuring Aaron out. However, what Kreed and the rest of the other people in their lives don't realize is that Aaron isn't just keeping one secret, and when everything comes to light, these strong-willed men will have to decide if what they share was real all along.

Major "le sigh" moments abound for each of these books. I confess that I do have a favorite among the three--cough, Mitch and Cody's story, cough--but at doesn't mean that one is better than the others. Kindle Alexander did a fantastic job on every single one of the novels, and the fact that everything was tied together and then all loose ends were nicely resolved by the end of the collection had me giddy. Don't forget: I've read these books before, but somehow, they still feel as fresh as ever, enticing and entertaining while tugging at my heartstrings. These books were also what had me coming back for more from Alexander. Five-plus stars go to the Nice Guys Collection. ♥

Release Date: 03 July 2018

Dates Read: 01-03 July 2018

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