Review: Happy Hour by Piper Rayne (Charity Case #3)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the authors via Social Butterfly PR.

I've been looking forward to reading Hannah Crowley and Roarke Baldwin's enemies-to-lovers story ever since he sauntered over to her and her friends at Torrios and she gave him the evil eye in the Charity Case series starter, Manic Monday. In Happy Hour, the writing duo of Piper Rayne don't just offer up a sparks between Hannah and Roarke but there are a whole lot of fireworks as well. I loved reading this book, although I admit that it fell just a wee bit short of the expectations set by the two full-length novels, Manic Monday and Afternoon Delight, before it.

No one can really blame Hannah Crowley for her dislike of Roarke Baldwin. After all, the man represented her ex-husband during their divorce, and he helped her ex walk away with money that Hannah earned and that she feels he never deserved. What good is a prenup if you have divorce lawyers like Roarke who aid and abet a louse of a cheating ex like Hannah's? Roarke knows just how much Hannah can't stand him, but when an opportunity to prove to her that there's a whole other side of him worth knowing, Roarke doesn't hesitate to get Hannah to agree to an exchange of a venue for five favors. The question is: what will it take to convince her that he's the real deal?

I must confess that I wasn't a fan of Roarke's in the first two books. He seriously came off as cocksure jackass who seemed to make it his life's mission to make his presence known to Hannah whenever they happened to be in the same place. Well, consider my mind changed. Yes, he was still a jackass in the first few chapters of this book, but his reputation for being an in-demand divorce attorney was well-warranted because he worked to win for his client within the dictates of the law. Plus the guy had his reasons for wanting Hannah's attention. His back story definitely humanizes him. I liked Hannah, but there were times that she came off as cold and distant. Overall, though, I got a kick out of their story and give Happy Hour five stars, PLUS the upcoming new Piper Rayne series looks promising! ♥


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Date Read: 16 July 2018

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