Review: Admiring Ash, Begging Ben, & Challenging Chase by Anyta Sunday (Love Letters #1-#3)

Note: Advanced reader copies (ARCs) were provided by the author via A Novel Take PR.

Anyta Sunday kicks off her brand-new surprise series entitled Love Letters with three novellas: Admiring Ash, Begging Ben, and Challenging Chance. Each one can be read in an hour or so and brings with them that familiar brand of angst that the author is known for, although to a lesser degree compared to her more full-length releases. All the stories are set in a town called Greenville and in the first three books, there are several recurring characters.

Admiring Ash is about twenty-five-year-old house cleaner Ashley Heartford and twenty-seven-year-old veterinarian Roy Riverton. River has been tasked to deliver one letter that has the potential of changing Ash's life and that of the younger sister that he's the guardian of. How it changes his life, however, is up to him, but River hopes that the choice that he ultimately makes will be the one that brings not just Ash but River as well the possibility of a future.

In Begging Ben, twenty-seven-year-olds Benjamin Spengler and Landon Riverton have been best friends forever, but it was nearly a year ago that their friendship suffered a blow that it's struggling to come back from. Ben is sick and tired of watching Landon waste his time on a guy who doesn't deserve him; but even if Ben wishes Landon saw him as more than a friend, Ben deserves better as well. And then, suddenly, Landon puts a ring on it...on Ben.

With Challenging Chance, Chance Roosevelt-Sutton's father is giving him one last shot to prove that he isn't as irresponsible as everyone around him thinks he is. He needs to pull this off and his new personal assistant is going to help him any way he can. Brook Kalson was unexpected, and being around him triggers necessary changes in Chance, but will Brook be enough of an inspiration for Chance to finally be honest with his father about who he is?

These three novellas keep things simple in that there aren't these overly complicated situations or challenges that any of the main characters find themselves in. There is angst (yay!) and romance (yay!) and a whole lot of Anyta Sunday-writing goodness between the covers. Because the series will be covering all twenty-six letters in the alphabet, I'm excited to see what else the author's got in store for us in the months to come. 4.5 stars go to A to C! ♥

Release Date: 31 July 2018

Date Read: 29 July 2018

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