Review: Tiebreaker by P. Dangelico (It Takes Two #2)

Note: An advanced reader copy (ARC) was provided by the author via Social Butterfly PR.

Tiebreaker is a second chance romance from P. Dangelico about a professional tennis player who's forced to return to her hometown to handle family matters that have her in the same space as none other than the guy who broke her heart years ago. Maren Murphy once loved Noah Callahan with all her heart--the same heart she entrusted to him and that he summarily broke for everyone around them to witness. Since then, she's hated him with every fiber of her being but she's also moved on with her life, following her dream of becoming one of the best in the sport she loves. When she's left with no other option but to put her life and relationship with her boyfriend in London on hold in order to settle her late grandfather's estate. She's left with very little choice than to work side by side with her grandfather's business partner who just happens to be her ex Noah. What she doesn't know is that Noah has never stopped loving her in all the years that they've been apart. He knows what he did was horrible, but maybe this could be his opportunity to make up for what happened and prove to Maren that she's the one for him.

Sigh. This is NOT an easy review for me to write. I've enjoyed this author's writing in the past, and I was looking forward to reading this new book of hers ever since I read the blurb for it. If I'm being perfectly honest here, I loved almost everything about this novel, save for the revelation that makes me see Noah in a whole new and undeniably harsh light and what I saw? Well, saying I didn't like that version of Noah would be an understatement. This is the point in my review where I'm going to warn you off with a spoiler alert, and while I try my best to not mention spoilers in my reviews, I feel the need to clearly explain why I'm going to be giving the rating that I do, so consider yourself warned. Here we go: Noah cheats on Maren and does so in a manner that he knows will guarantee that she walks away from him. Why does he do it? Because he believed it was what was best for her. Umm, yeah, I'm sorry but a guy cheating and then publicly humiliating the girl he claims to love simply because it's the push she needs to go after her dreams? Nope, that doesn't fly with me. What makes it worse is that when he finally fesses up, he doesn't seem all that remorseful about it, and Maren? Well, she just accepts it and actually agrees with his assessment. And that's when Dangelico lost me, and here I am, now handing Tiebreaker three stars. ♥


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Release Date: 25 July 2018

Date Read: 25 July 2018

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