Review: The Rancher's Son by RJ Scott (Montana #2)

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Ethan couldn't bear imagining that somehow, in all of what had happened to Adam—whatever that was—Adam had clung to a wispy memory of Ethan's name.

Like Ethan meant something to him.

Like Ethan was home.

The Rancher’s Son is the second novel in Montana, an M/M contemporary romance series by RJ Scott, who has now joined the ranks of my favorite go-to authors, and while I loved the series starter, Crooked Tree Ranch, this sequel was simply extra special. There’s a lot of mystery and intrigue that goes on here, and it all begins with a John Doe who has survived a vicious attack in Chicago, Illinois and utters only two things: “Crooked Tree” and “Ethan”. This leads to a call to Ethan Allens, a detective out of Missoula, Montana and a man who has been searching for his brother Justin and Justin’s best friend for twelve years. When Ethan arrives, amidst the cuts, bruises, and swelling, he takes one look at the victim and knows exactly who it is: Adam Strachan, Justin’s best friend and the boy that Ethan loved twelve years ago.

Ethan may have found Adam, but Adam has no memories. Whether it be who he was before he and Justin disappeared or what he's been doing and where he’s been in the twelve years since, Adam has no recollection whatsoever. Thus begins his journey to try and recall the past twenty-eight years of his life. The fact that it was Ethan’s name that he mentioned after being brought to the hospital must mean that Ethan was an important part of his life, but Ethan is hesitant to provide information, afraid to push and pressure Adam. There are a lot of unknowns with as far as Adam is concerned, and I felt for him because he was just so lost. My heart clenched in empathy for Ethan because he may have found his first love, yet his brother was still missing and his psychogenic amnesia was preventing Adam from remembering Justin.

Just like the first book, we get the resolved love story between Ethan and Adam, but it also leaves readers with questions that I’m feeling will be answered in the third book in the series, A Cowboy’s Home, which I added to my list of most anticipated releases this year as soon as I finished reading book two. Ethan and Adam’s story flowed easily, but it was never rushed, allowing the anticipation to build as the memories trickled in and then would stall and then would hit at unexpected moments. Again, the importance of family was highlighted here and remains an continuing overall theme in the series, as it should because Crooked Tree is about three families, and as fragmented as some of those may be, at their core, the sense of family is intact for those who count. The Rancher’s Son is one of my top reads this year. Five-plus stars. ♥


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Release Date: 24 March 2016

Date Read: 23 March 2016

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