Review: Max and the Prince by RJ Scott (Bodyguards Inc. #3)

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Max and the Prince is third book in the Bodyguards Inc. series written by author RJ Scott and is about former Royal Air Force pilot Maxwell Connery and Prince Lucien Magrello. Max may be twenty-eight but he looks more like someone you'd have to request identification from in order to verify if he's legal to consume alcohol, but his youthful face and short stature lead others to underestimate how capable he is at his job. When he's tasked to become twenty-five-year-old Lucien's bodyguard while he goes to a university in Cardiff, not only does he have to protect him but Max needs to figure out who's been sending Lucien letters that have led to the death of one person. Max has his eye on a few persons of interest but the one his eye lingers on the longest and is most interested in is the one he knows he cannot have: Prince Lucien.

Who doesn't love a royalty-falling-for-a-commoner story and this one has a mystery aspect to it and it certainly had me guessing, what with more than one suspicious person to consider. I really liked Max and how Lucien was always his top priority, regardless if it made him look unsympathetic to others. Lucien was such a dear, especially with how he was with Jamie Green, his housemate, and he was able to be himself with Max. It was as if Max got him and they were able to form this bond together. The book may be short, but it doesn't mean that these two suddenly fell in love with each other in a matter of days. The story plays out over several weeks, and in that amount of time, the relationship evolves from one that's professional to one of friendship, and then to a far more personal one. They were sweet and sexy and swoon-worthy.

This is the third book I've read in the series, and these bodyguards from BI and their clients have been fun to get to know. I know some people may be thinking to themselves that there sure seem to be quite a lot of gay bodyguards in the company, but that's as silly as saying there are too many heterosexuals in one workplace. I doubt that all of the bodyguards are gay, because there have been some who have been mentioned--men and women--but this is an LGBT+ romance series, so it's funny that readers expect something different in terms of gay bodyguards falling for their clients. I've found the stories entertaining and have enjoyed myself with each book I've come across. There are three more that I'll be reading and I'm already looking forward to them. Max and the Prince was a satisfying weekend read and it gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 20 March 2016

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