Review: More Than a Feeling by Sara Richardson (Heart of the Rockies #3)

Note: This ARC was provided by Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for an honest review.

More Than a Feeling is the third full-length novel and the fourth addition to author Sara Richardson's contemporary romance series entitled Heart of the Rockies. Main characters Ruby James and Sawyer Hawkins would love nothing more than to leave their respective pasts behind, only they appear to be headed in different directions. Ruby's sudden arrival at the Walker Mountain Ranch was her chance at starting over while Sawyer is leaving and headed elsewhere to get his own fresh start. They may know each other in passing but it's only when they begin to get closer that the mutual attraction blossoms into something more. Can they move forward together if Ruby isn't forthcoming about her past and the cop in him needs to know the truth? When danger looms too close to home, will their love become a casualty?

I've been a fan of the Heart of the Rockies series ever since I first read No Better Man last year, my enjoyment increasing with each new book added. I've been wanting to read Sawyer and Ruby's love story for some time, and theirs is a second chance romance of sorts, both having been burned by love the first time around, albeit with other people. I really liked Sawyer and my heart broke for him when the details about his time with his ex came out in the story, but I think he was perfectly matched with someone like Ruby, who has endured and survived and come out of her ordeal much stronger and independent. From the moment their paths converged, it was clear that these two were meant to be and just like the love stories of the main characters that came before them, theirs is neither easy nor simple, but it is beautiful.

Slow burn romances are faced with the challenge of keeping readers hooked all throughout the story, and I've read my fair share where I found my mind wandering or having that voice in my head thinking how much longer is it going to take before the characters do something more noteworthy. In the case of this third in a series, the slow burn doesn't simmer; it gradually escalates until you realize that you've made it to the end of yet another well-written addition to an already fantastic series. Sara Richardson's writing has never failed to draw me in and hold my attention, and she's successfully done that for the fourth time in a row with Ruby and Sawyer's story. With the end of the series just one book away, my expectations are at a high, and I've got four books that came before it to thank for that. More Than a Feeling garners five stars. ♥

Release Date: 29 March 2016

Date Read: 28 March 2016

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