Review: Drop Dead Sexy by Katie Ashley

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Drop Dead Sexy may be bestselling author Katie Ashley's first foray in the field of romantic comedy, but I certainly hope it won't be her last because she's off to a heck of a hilarious start. This standalone is about Olivia Sullivan, a thirty-year-old single woman who grew up the daughter of a mortician and now becomes their town's coroner. Her career isn't exactly one men would find enticing and her history with men she's actually been involved is doesn't inspire much confidence, considering how those ended. Then she has an unexpected, mind-blowing, memorable one-night stand with Holden Caulfield Mains, also known as Catcher, but it's far and beyond anything Olivia's ever done before, scaring her into running from him. The last thing she expects is to have him back in her life when the mortician is forced to work with the lead investigator on the first ever murder case her town's ever had to deal with. There are more twists and turns in the case and they need to figure out what's going before the two end up dead or right back in bed.

Humor, heat, and heart. Yup, you've got the trifecta of romantic comedy novels with this story and two very likable main characters. There's a lot of dirty talk and a heck of a lot of dirty times between Olivia and Catcher. They may not seem like the kind of couple that you would consider well-suited for one another, but they're able to balance each other out. I'm not saying either one of them is perfect and there are moments that Catcher's cockiness becomes a tad grating on my nerves, but he's pretty much a good guy and he goes after Olivia with gusto, knowing what he wants and refusing to let anything--even her hesitation--stop him. If you're looking for quirk, this book has it in spades (though I think the fact that Olivia is a mortician slash coroner would have clued you in that this is a rom-com that wants to set itself apart from the get-go). As is the case when it comes to lighthearted stories set in small towns, there are a bunch of unforgettable, scene-stealing characters that bring in the laughs. Drop Dead Sexy gets four stars. ♥

Date Read: 19 March 2016

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