Review: Green Eyes by Amanda Heath

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Green Eyes is a standalone contemporary romance novel about a movie actress who has held on to the bitterness and anger that began with the feeling of abandonment brought about by her three siblings ten years ago and how she decides whether to let go of those negative feelings or continue to allow them to drown her in loneliness and misery. This was a Hollywood slash celebrity love story but was different in that it wasn't solely about the lead characters being famous and having to deal with live and love in the spotlight and under the unforgiving and unflinching eye of the public and hounds of paparazzi. This was about family and forgiveness and being able to move beyond disappointment and heartache--whether it be delivered by those we expect to be by our side unconditionally or those we do choose to be in our lives.

Written by Amanda Heath, Green Eyes is a nickname given be her new leading man to Alexis Michaels, who was a surprising female main character in that she had a lot of issues that she was choosing not to actively deal with--not counting her going to a therapist. She was a gifted actress who was keeping her four-year-old daughter's identity away from the media--including who little Talia's father is--and has not communicated with her older brother, older sister, and twin brother for a decade, after they decided to go ahead and tour the country with their band while she stayed home to take care of their ailing father while she was only sixteen going on seventeen. Now at twenty-seven, she revives her career and meets Hollywood superstar Ryan Danse, her twin's best friend, who changes her life in ways she never expected.

There were moments of frustration when it came to Ryan and Alexis, but I think that had a lot to do with them being flawed characters. It takes a good long while before either one trusts the other enough to be comfortable in letting them take a peek at the real version of themselves. I really liked Ryan and Alexis, and I adored little Talia and Marley, Alexis's bodyguard and driver and Talia's unofficial playmate and babysitter. Jason Rhodes's relationship with Ryan and his twin sister was unique and I was touched with how he still mourned the estrangement between him and Alexis. I hope he and Beau get their own stories, and if Claire and Reed Grayson already have a book, someone point me in the right direction, please! Green Eyes told an engaging and entertaining story, and not counting the editing misses, it gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 17 March 2016

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