Review: The Fire Between High & Lo by Brittainy C. Cherry (Elements #2)

I tell myself each day that I’m not in love with you anymore, that I moved on.

But somehow that’s not true. Each day it happens, right before I close my eyes to sleep. I see your face, your smile, your soul, and in the quiet whispers of the night, I fall in love with you all over again.

I hope that never changes.

And selfishly, I hope a small part of you always loves me too.

I didn't think it was possible to experience two book hangovers in a span of six hours, but yup, that's exactly what happened when I read The Fire Between High & Lo immediately after finishing The Air He Breathes, both part of author Brittainy C. Cherry's Elements series. I started the first book in the half past midnight and finished the second one with the sun up at six-thirty in the morning, and even though I haven't gotten a wink of sleep yet and I'm hunched over my laptop on my bed putting together this review, I've still got one heck of a huge grin on my face. You would too if you read two of the most heartrending stories you've come across in a long time. And even though this is the second book in the series, I'm writing my review for The Fire Between High & Lo first because all those emotional highs and lows need to be put together while they're all still very fresh in my head and in my heart.

Logan Francis Silverstone and Alyssa Marie Walters were the best of friends before they finally decided to give in to the feelings that they were trying to keep from each other and fell in love when they were just shy of turning eighteen. Their lives seemed to be headed in very different directions; she was the straight A student ready to begin college in the fall, and he had his addictions and believed his dreams would stay as they were. But all it takes is one unplanned event that begins the domino effect that will cause Logan to walk away from the only girl he's ever loved and from the only life he's ever known. It takes five years for them to see each other again, and avoiding one another is easier said than done, especially with his brother and her sister about to tie the knot. He knows the best thing for everyone concerned is for him to keep his distance, but after five years, Logan knows that Alyssa is his one home.

Goodness but did this book put me through the emotional wringer. I was right there with Logan and Alyssa as they were on their own roller coaster ride, and I felt those ups and downs along with them. There were times I was frustrated with Logan and how he was treating Alyssa, but still I cheered them on, because these two so deserved a happily-ever-after. They were each other's first and greatest loves, and they also happened to be one another's one addiction that they would never be cured of. It would have been too easy to have them fall back in each other's arms as soon as Logan returned to True Falls, Wisconsin, so I more than appreciated the route that Brittainy C. Cherry took with our erstwhile lovers and best friends. There were bumps and detours along the way, but it made for a fantastic literary ride I won't be forgetting anytime soon nor would I even want to if it were possible.

With Logan and Alyssa's second chance love story at the forefront, you would think that that would be more than enough to keep you going, but this was more than about romance. The love that Logan and Kellan, as well as Alyssa and Erika—though to a lesser degree—had as siblings was both touching and inspiring. It's also a key component of what makes this story even better than it already was had the author decided to stick to just focus on Logan and Alyssa. This book was about lovers, best friends, and family; it was about finding hope, earning redemption, and offering absolution. The road we're currently on does not have to be the only road we take, and while going down a different one may lead to dead-ends and even getting lost, you continue with the journey, hoping it'll lead you home. The Fire Between High & Lo resonates long after you're done reading it. Five-plus stars isn't enough. ♥

Release Date: 25 March 2016

Date Read: 25 March 2016

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