Review: His Only Salvation by Skye Turner

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His Only Salvation is a standalone dark romance from author Skye Turner and is about Hope Layne, Gabrial DeLucca, and Luke Sanchez, the closest of friends while growing up, Hope now finds herself in love with the two men who mean the most in her life. Gabrial is a criminal, albeit a sophisticated one that has a rather well-established organization, while Luke is a police detective. Gabrial is the bad boy to Luke's good guy and Hope is in relationships with both of them. This is where I find myself hesitating because it felt as if she was being portrayed like this wonderfully selfless woman, yet she was having her cake and eating it too when it came to her personal life. Don't get me wrong; I have no problem reading books that involve cheating or someone being in more than one relationship. My problem here was that I simply couldn't believe this supposedly sensible girl was dipping her toe in bodies of water far beyond her depth.

There was already tension between Luke and Gabrial because of Gabrial's criminal activities and Luke's sworn duty to go after men like his best friend. You would think that Hope, knowing how things were, would be wise enough not to add to the tension, but nope! She wanted Gabrial and she wanted Luke and no one was going to change her mind about the whole messed up situation. A sexual act is a sexual act, whether there's penetration or not, and Hope was going on her merry way, not really bothered by who was getting hurt in the process. The fact that I felt no connection whatsoever to Hope was already hampering my enjoyment of the story because I wanted to be invested. To be honest, I felt sorry for both men because they went along with the whole pathetic setup. The climax was disappointing because it was what I expected and the epilogue felt abrupt with the supposed salvation falling short of being one. Three stars. ♥

Date Read: 22 March 2016

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