Review: Bend Me, Break Me by Chelsea M. Cameron

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Bend Me, Break Me is a new adult romance standalone from bestselling author Chelsea M. Cameron and features a college student named Ingrid Alexander, who has suffered a life-altering tragedy and merely goes through the motions of her daily life, refusing to truly interact with anyone else around her unless absolutely necessary. She crosses paths with a classmate named Coen LaCour, who appears to have made it his mission to not just get her attention but to forge a friendship of sorts with her. Ingrid is instantly wary of Coen and questions what his motivations may be. Through persistence and patience, Ingrid and Coen become friends with the possibility of something more, but will dark secrets, little lies, and bent truths lead to the end of their relationship, with Coen being the one to finally break Ingrid beyond repair?

This was a story with a great deal of angst and understandably so. It's clear early on that Ingrid is dealing with very heavy burdens, and it's also obvious that Coen's reasons to get close to Ingrid aren't as innocent as they may seem. We do see the progression of their hesitant friendship, and this allows readers to observe how Coen earns the trust of this girl who doesn't offer it up to anyone and for good reason. Getting to know both Ingrid and Coen is part of why it's difficult to really pass judgment on Coen, even though he may have taken a tad too long being totally honest with her. He's the one who helps her have faith in herself and the world around her again, but he could very well be the same one to wipe away all her progress and have her return to how she once was. Bend Me, Break Me was one poignant, four-star read. ♥

Date Read: 23 March 2016

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