Review: Love, Chloe by Alessandra Torre

Note: This ARC was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

Love, Chloe is the newest standalone from bestselling author Alessandra Torre. It started out as a serial entitled Bedroom Blog on Cosmopolitan's website and had the author releasing one chapter at a time, detailing the various misadventures that former rich girl Chloe Madison found herself in as she made her way through a less frivolous and glittery world to that of her new reality. After her parents are arrested for insider trading, all family funds have been frozen by the authorities, forcing Chloe to find a source of regular and stable income. This leads her to work for Clarke and Nicole Brantley, a wealthy couple who have their own issues that Chloe becomes privy to during her time with them. Along the way, Chloe also meets Carter, the superintendent of the building housing her new apartment, and discovers the new her.

This was a lighthearted story and one that lets readers see Chloe right before the rug is pulled out from under her and then we follow her journey as she struggles to deal with the ins and outs of "real" life. The old Chloe may have been wealthy and had everything that she wanted, but I don't think that she would be someone I would classify as overly spoiled. She was used to her life going in a certain directions and being able to have access to every so-called need, whether necessary or not. It takes a while for her to make adjustments, but adjust she does because she doesn't really have much of a choice if she wants to survive. She's fortunate to have a good set of friends who support her as she faces the new phase of her life, and while her boss is the personification of an entitled bitch, her husband Clarke is the epitome of a good guy.

I liked Chloe and I enjoyed reading about how she became a better, more confident and independent version of herself after losing nearly everything her family had. With Carter, who had no last name all throughout the book (unless I got a bit cross-eyed and missed it), she's faced with a guy who is so different from the type she usually went for. But Carter's got a secret that he's purposely kept from her and while I did get why he may have felt it necessary to not say anything in the beginning, the fact that Chloe actually ended up figuring it all out had me feeling disappointed in the guy. Still, in terms of the story, it was entertaining from start to finish, and while Hollywood Dirt remains my favorite Alessandra Torre read, Love, Chloe is the perfect, risk-free, smile-inducing read to curl up with this or any ol' weekend. Five stars. ♥

Date Read: 19 March 2016

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