Review: Killer by Heather C. Leigh

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Killer is a standalone dark romance and my first read from author Heather C. Leigh. It is the story of one school shooting and how it affects two of the players involved soon after and ten years later. Britton Reeves was a freshman when the shooting occurred and is the lone survivor of a senseless killing. Keller Keating was a high school senior and that shooting earns him the nickname that would become more than a moniker; it becomes his identity: Killer. Ten years later, fate throws them together and while they fail to realize how their lives have been intertwined for a decade, they are weak to resist being drawn to each other. But when buried secrets are unearthed, will either Britt and Killer be able to survive the aftermath?

This book went into directions I did not expect. The school shooting isn't the main focus of the story. It is merely the event that sets into motion the drastic changes that occur in the lives of the two lead characters, Britt and Keller. I've decided not to give too much more regarding the actual story line because I think it's enough that you go into knowing that Britt and Keller play certain roles in the school shooting. What those roles are should be discoveries you make while reading the book and you'll understand why Keller is called Killer and why Britt is still alive even after being shot in the head. In hindsight, I realized that one look at the cover and I see what I missed, but it's not really anything of importance since I quite enjoyed the book.

Britt and Keller have a connection from the very beginning, and it's a connection that neither one can fully sever, no matter how many times they wish they could or attempt to do so. Their relationships with their families also play important parts in why they've made certain decisions in their lives. These are two broken people who I believe needed to meet one another in order to even begin to try and move forward. Overall, the story was refreshingly different from the usual dark romance fare, and while I knew what the connection was between Britt and Keller, I was itching to find out when they'd realize that they're actually connected. This may be the first but certainly won't be my last Heather C. Leigh read. Killer gets 4.5 stars. ♥

Date Read: 17 March 2016

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