Review: Bodyguard to a Sex God by RJ Scott (Bodyguards Inc. #1)

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Bodyguard to a Sex God is the first book in author RJ Scott's Bodyguards Inc. series and introduces us to three guys who work for the personal security firm but this series starter is mostly focused on thirty-one-year-old Adam Freeman, a former member of the Metropolitan Police in London who finds out his latest assignment is what they've labeled a "pretty boy"--twenty-nine-year-old Logan Brady, nicknamed "Sex God" by his fans and the media and one of the stars of a popular American television show. With Logan receiving threats from an obsessed fan and a car coming too close to hitting him, Adam is called in to protect him while he attends a fan convention in London. Watching over a celebrity with the stature of Logan is difficult enough, but dealing with the very strong attraction between them may break them both.

This series starter was a fairly quick read and one that I enjoyed. Logan is a very famous actor who is very much in the closet and has been since he started acting fifteen years ago. Not only does he have to deal with deciding whether or not he's going to admit his sexuality publicly but he's got a stalker whose threats have escalated. When Adam enters the picture as his bodyguard, he may have finally found yet another reason to come clean. There's a connection between the two of them that I liked because it wasn't always overly sexual. They're genuinely interested in one another and they've obviously never felt about anyone what they're beginning to feel for the other. I figured out who the stalker was from the moment they were introduced to the story, but I did like the twist thrown in because it did give this bit of a teeny, tiny pause. 

There were a few bits in the text that were slightly confusing and it had to do with the interchanging of names. For example, it was Adam who was supposed to be speaking but Logan's name was the one in the text. I'm not entirely sure if this was an unedited advanced reading copy because this book was published a couple of years ago. Other than that snafu, the overall story was good and on-point. Logan is at a crossroads in his career since coming out as gay may affect it negatively, while Adam's career as a bodyguard may be compromised if he falls for a client. Two interesting supporting characters were Ross Jackson and Kyle Monroe, who are both part of Bodyguards Inc., with Kyle being the boss, and I'm curious about what happens with those two. Overall, Bodyguard to a Sex God was quick and satisfying. Four stars. ♥

Date Read: 02 March 2016

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