Review: "In Bed with the Bachelor" by Megan Crane (Bachelor Auction #5)

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Michaela Townsend is engaged to be married but she and her fiancé have an open relationship. Well, at least it's an open relationship on his end. She's never been tempted to be with another man and it's mostly because she's so busy with work. But when she finds herself at a bachelor auction in her family's hometown of Marietta, Montana and they bid on and win a surly but oh-so-good looking bachelor, it's more than her curiosity that's piqued. Michaela knows that Jesse Grey could be the one man to break her.

Jesse Grey is suckered into participating in the charity bachelor auction in his hometown of Marietta, Montana by his Uncle Jason, owner of Grey's Saloon. Not only has he been bought by the family of a woman who thinks he would be the perfect "date" for her wannabe business tycoon of a fiancé, but now his services as a driver and travel companion to Seattle, Washington have been offered by his uncle and the woman's aunt. The last thing he needs is to spend more time with the confounding Michaela Townsend.

Trapped in a snowstorm on their way to Seattle, Jesse and Michaela are forced to seek shelter in a motel that only has one spare room that houses a king-sized bed. Over the span of 48 hours, the pull between gets more difficult to ignore with each passing minute, but Jesse knows what it feels like to be cheated on and refuses to pursue anything more with Michaela, no matter how much he wants to. Michaela needs to decide if it's time to end one thing to consider the possibilities of another with the enigmatic Jesse Grey.

In Bed with the Bachelor is the fifth novel in the Bachelor Auction series and was written by Megan Crane. Out of all the books, this one felt the most different and maybe it's because the lead characters pushed each other and not in a playful kind of banter. Jesse doesn't try to be the brooding, sexy guy that women want to be with. The pain of having his ex-girlfriend and father do what they did is enough to make any guy surly and moody. I thought Michaela would be meek but she proved she could give as much as she took.

I so loved how real this story felt because it didn't have any insta-love or insta-lust going on. Yes, there was an attraction there but both Michaela and Jesse fought it for as long as they could. The ending isn't your typical happily-ever-after either, making this an even more worthy book of my non-stop oohing and aahing. A bookaholic like me who's been reading two or more books a day this past month is always on the look out for that something more, something different. I found it in In Bed with the Bachelor. 5 stars! ♥

Date read: 21 March 2015

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