Review: "Bender" by M. Stratton

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Jake Bender was labeled a bad boy growing up and he certainly had the reputation to back it up. His father physically assaulted him time and again but Bender never spoke of the abuse he was suffering at home. When he finds a man waiting for him in front of his home at the age of eighteen, he's given the opportunity to go down a path different from the one that people around him were saying he was going to die on one day. Twenty years later, he returns to his hometown, promising himself this job will be the last.

Stormy Ryan was always the odd girl out growing up but was always loved by her family and lost herself in the whatever worlds her books opened up for her. Now in her mid-thirties, she's still not comfortable with other people and tends to still lose all sense of time once she gets started reading something. Owning and managing her own used bookstore isn't something she does for profit but more for the benefit of the neighborhood, especially the children. Unfortunately, the area is quickly becoming a no man's land.

Bender is tasked to protect Stormy from the organization that's quickly taking over the neighborhood, especially since she appears to be the only holdout among the business owners in the area. Soon enough, the two develop feelings for one another and when push comes to shove, the two men heading the organization are willing to do anything and use anyone to finally get their hands on Stormy while forcing Bender to be put in a situation he's never been in before--having to save the woman he loves.

Let me begin the review portion by saying that I put in a request to read and review this book on NetGalley because the blurb caught my attention. I try to keep my expectations on a realistic level, especially when it comes to authors whose books I've never tried before. So, when I say that I was sorely disappointed with the story, the characters, and the writing, I'm coming from a place of openness. I felt that there were so many missed opportunities and that this could have actually been a book worth remembering.

I didn't experience anything in the book; rather, I was being told what was going on. I felt Stormy was somewhat of a clueless heroine and Bender constantly calling her "lady" bugged me. Nutter and Mick, the two antagonists, had me in absolute disbelief and made me think of those over the top villains in the Scooby Doo cartoons. I couldn't recall if they had any motivation for what they were doing. The writing itself was missing fluidity. Left feeling disinterested, I'm going to have to give Bender two stars. ♥

Date read: 02 March 2015

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