Review: "His Last Redemption" by Clarissa Yip

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Lauren Burke née Ford wants one thing: her husband's signature on their divorce papers. She's been waiting for far too long and he's done nothing but postpone what she believes is inevitable. After she caught him cheating on her and finding out that he's had a string of affairs prior, she wants to be rid of him as soon as possible. After all, she still has her bridal shop and the house her mother left her, so she has no need for a philandering husband she put herself in debt for and missed out on her dream wedding for.

When her soon-to-be ex-husband David fails to show up at the lawyer's office to sign the divorce papers, Lauren is beyond frustrated. Then the unexpected presence of two police detectives at her shop has her in shock for two reasons: 1. the news that her husband is dead, and 2. her ex-boyfriend is one back in town (and just happens to be one of the detectives on her husband's case. She can't bring herself to mourn her husband's demise and she's not exactly welcoming the man who broke her heart back with open arms.

Kane Hollister ended his relationship with Lauren Ford without a goodbye or an explanation and while he didn't expect her to be pining away for him years after, he's surprised that the wife of their murder victim is his Lauren. Except she's no longer his and she's no longer the same carefree young woman he knew. She's cold and detached and she's definitely making it clear that she wants to stay as far away from him as possible. Unfortunately, when Lauren becomes the target of a serial killer, Kane vows to protect her.

His Last Redemption was a great romantic suspense read that had a touching family drama aspect to it as well. While I did figure out what was going on and the players that were involved, something that tends to dampen my reading experience because the thrill has dissipated, I was surprised to find myself still very much hooked. The second chance love story between Kane and Lauren was one that deserved a happy resolution, as did Kane's issues with his family and the guilt that he carries with and still affects him.

Overall, the writing was good, though I do wonder if the siblings were mistakenly labeled as "step-siblings" instead of "half-siblings" since I'm assuming they were born after Kane's mother's second marriage. On a side note, I'm also hoping that Kane's partner, Ryan Montgomery, gets his own book because he was a memorable supporting character. If you're looking for a good romance novel with mystery and suspense, then I highly recommend you check out His Last Redemption by Clarissa Yip. This gets 4.5 stars! ♥

Release Date: 10 March 2015

Date read: 06 March 2015

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