Review: "His Outback Cowgirl" by Alissa Callen (Wildflower Ranch #4)

Note: This ARC was provided by Tule Publishing via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

On the outside, Ethan Morgan is the opposite of his twin brother Cordell--he's level-headed and thinks before he does or says anything. Spending a few weeks with the father he met not too long ago in order to help him after his hip surgery is simply something he would never say "no" to. However, his father's request that he play tour guide and babysitter to one Australian cowgirl is something he may refuse to do.

Bridie Willis is in Montana to spend time with her mother and to get to know the half-brother she never knew she had. While this is an opportunity for her to indulge her love of photography, this is also the time to mourn the recent death of her beloved father. Independent and willful, Bridie wants nothing more than to be alone in her grief, but Henry Watson's plea has her including an American cowboy in her plans.

Both Ethan and Bridie think that they're as different as night and day, but the days that they spend together opens their eyes to the possibility that they may have been wrong in their initial assessments. They're more alike than they originally thought, but Bridie's grief and the fact that she lives in Australia and he lives in Colorado Springs has them cautious about starting something that may lead to heartbreak.

His Outback Cowgirl is the fourth novella in the Wildflower Ranch series by author Alissa Callen and one that I quite liked. The pacing was quick but the sequence of events didn't feel rushed at all, so the progression of the love story had a realistic feel to it. After all, it wasn't as if Ethan and Bridie fell in love the minute they laid eyes on one another. Their feelings and relationship developed over a period of time.

Ethan was introduced in the first book, Cherish Me, Cowboy, and I've been wanting him to have his own story told since then. Bridie seems to be the perfect fit for him, especially since they first came off as being opposites. They're able to provide one another that sense of balance that makes them an ideal couple. Henry's matchmaking is obviously still as effective as ever, the father wanting his sons to be happy.

This was a quick and easy read and one that was touching and sweet. It was nice to be able to see how the other characters in the previous books have been doing. I do believe this is the last installment and I'm happy to say that the Wildflower Ranch series is one that I truly appreciate. Though standalones, I recommend the books be read and enjoyed in order. His Outback Cowgirl by Alissa Callen gets 4.5 stars! ♥

Release Date: 18 March 2015

Date read: 14 March 2015

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