Review: Disgrace by Brittainy C. Cherry

At thirty, Gracelyn Mae Harris had loved only one man for half her life--but everything comes to an end when Grace learns that Finley has cheated on her and all the more when finds out with whom. She prayed that he would realize that they were better together than they were apart, but those prayers went unanswered. Back in her hometown of Chester, Georgia may be a chance to start over for Grace, but it isn't exactly easy nor simple when your father is the local church's pastor, your mother thinks that a wife should stand by her man no matter what, and her ex-husband and his mistress live in the same town. What she needs right now is a distraction, but she never thought it would come in the form of a surly twenty-four-year-old car mechanic with a chip on his shoulder.

Jackson Emery has no qualms telling it like it is. He doesn't apologize for his coarse language or his lack of concern whether he's following social cues or not. He's a young man who stopped believing in love years ago, and Grace learned the hard way that maybe true love isn't for her. Neither of them is looking for commitment, but there's no denying the chemistry that sizzles between them. So, why not give in to the lust? Why not put themselves first for a change? They have all summer to sate their wants, but by the end of it, will either one be prepared to admit that what they truly need is each other? If neither one admits the truths in their respective hearts, it won't be the lingering shame of their pasts that will kill them slowly, but the disgrace that they had love and chose to walk away.

I've loved the Brittainy C. Cherry-penned reads that I've perused before, but I confess that Disgrace left me somewhat torn. I had to take a step back after reading it to make sure that whatever I was thinking and feeling was in check. There's quite a bit of cheating that goes on in this book, and it isn't limited to just one or two characters either. Both Jackson and Grace have been victims of the most important people in their lives having broken their marital vows, and that's made them into the people that they are when we meet them in the book. I'm not going to get into who cheated on whom, except for the one that I already mentioned at the beginning of my review--Grace's ex-husband Finley--but what I will say is that letting go rather than holding on is what can make one brave.

Jackson isn't an easy man to love, but once you see what lays beneath the cold and brash exterior, your heart can't help but squeeze in empathy for him. And Grace? Well, I liked seeing that backbone of hers straighten and strengthen. She was a woman who came into her own. Yes, she was a wee bit naive and clueless, and she did allow certain people to run roughshod over her one time too many, but when those eyes of hers opened, she didn't shirk from the reality--both good and bad--of the world around her. Just like Grace, I believe in the power of prayer, but even someone my age is only now learning that when we think God isn't answering our prayers; He already has--it may simply not be the expected answer. Disgrace is a recommended contemporary romance and garners five stars. ♥

Date Read: 01 July 2018

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